Rice Krispie Treat - Bunny Gram

One of our FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) fundraisers at the high school is Bunny Grams, which are rice krispie treats!  A buyer can purchase a square rice krispie treat, a square with sprinkles or a bunny head.  A few years ago my mother was here helping me make the square rice krispie treats.  She came up with the idea of shaping them into bunny heads.  Ever since then, I have been making them in the shape of a bunny head.  Last year I started decorating the faces.  This year I made 83 bunny heads and 56 squares (some with sprinkles).  Since I had to make so many treats, I poured several boxes into a bun bag to make it easier to measure out the Rice Krispies.

6 cups of Rice Krispies
3 TB butter
1 bag 10.5 oz marshmallows

Dani,  helping make the square treats, by pressing cereal into pan.
Butter 9" x 13" pan and lightly press Rice Krispies into pan, do not pack them tight together.  Turn over onto surface.  I make the rectangle a little bigger by pressing on it a bit.  Let the large rice krispie cool for a bit before cutting, otherwise it is too sticky and hard to work with.   However, do not wait too long.
Cut length wise to third the rectangle.
Cut across in center of large rectangle, which will make 6 rectangles.
Make a slit almost half way down t make the ears.
Form bunny head - I start with the ears.

With icing, make dots for the eyes and nose.  
Do several at a time.
Use M&M's for the eyes and nose!

With icing, make the mouth and whiskers.

Whaalaa! Finished Bunny Head!

Place in a clear baggie!

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