Cooking Class with Barry and Meta West

Today we spent several hours with Barry and Meta West learning to cook an Eastern European Dinner - we had the best time ever.  They reminisced about the sights in Europe as they took us through an Eastern European Meal.  We not only learned what went into each recipe, we were shown several techniques and given advice on cooking.  
Barry demonstrated the proper technique to dicing and chopping vegetables.  How to hold the knife properly to slicing a green pepper.  We then practiced cutting the vegetables for the dinner - onions, mushrooms, celery and green peppers.  
Barry was in charge of cooking the soup and main dish.
Meta demonstrated making a delicious dessert - we each helped icing the layers - DELICIOUS.  Their love for cooking and teaching shined through their demonstrations.  They both actually wore shirts that they purchased in Hungary - which added a little flair to the day!  We were given aprons to wear.  We sit down and had a lovely dinner.  Below you will see the menu.  This description probably does not do this class justice - words can't describe the time that we had.  I can not wait for the next class! Thanks Barry and Meta for a wonderful day! Visit the West's Blog for more dates on cooking classes and delicious recipes!
Traveling through Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Croatia

Dobre Doshly” – Traditional Bulgarian “Welcome”
Mananca cu paine" (Bread) with Salt and Honey
w/ a shot of Pálinka (a traditional Hungarian fruit brandy)

Hungarian Dobostrorte
Bulgarian Chicken Paprikash Soup
Serbian Cucumber Salad
Hungarian Fillet of Pork
w/ Lesco (pepper, potato & tomato stew)
Hungarian Dobostrorte

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