Too many of this and that!

Do you have the same problem we have?  Too much of one thing?  I am trying to organize my kitchen.  I have way to many of the same items.  For instance, Pyrex glass storage containers.  I have way too many of these.  I can't help it if I find a great deal on items and feel I have to purchase several.  I even have some still in my closet that are brand new and have never been used.  I will be placing some of these in storage as well.  Really, how many does a person need at once.  I am just not a big plastic container fan, however - I am changing my mind.  These glass container lids leak.  It never fails when I take left overs to work in one of these containers, I end of having liquid leak into my bag.  So I found a bargain on glad plastic containers a few weeks ago at HyVee (purchased 11 packs - each at 99 cents, plus if you purchased two sets, you received a $1.50 off your next purchase).  I will be using those for traveling food - and leave the glass containers at home for storage.



We have a lot of rubber spatulas - but these are probably not the best.  If you own spatulas with wooden or even plastic handles like the ones shown - the silicon head does come off and does occasionally need washing - otherwise mold will build up inside.  So if you have these in your drawer - take them apart and check to make sure there is no mold.  Again, how many spatulas does a person need in their drawer?


How Many Measuring Cups and Spoons are Too Many??

One can never have too many measuring cups and spoons, or can they?  This isn't even all that we have.  I just ordered another set of cups and spoons - Kitchen Aide pink ones from Kohls today - can't wait to add them to our collection!

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