Boo - o - Grams. Halloween Fundraiser

We have been doing this Halloween fundraiser for 14 years!  The first year mom and I made the rice krispie treats as bats and pumpkins in a rice krispie treat mold - which was so much work.  We had only sold them for $1.00.  Needless to say that was the last year of molding them.  Years following we just cut them into squares and put them in cute Halloween bags.  The previous two years we made pumpkin and witch cake pops along with the rice krispie treats!  Those were cute, but took a lot of time!  This year we had pushpops, which I made!, cupcakes purchased from Wendy's Party Treats, square rice krispie treats, gummy bears, and seasoned pretzels!  To see all of my cake pop creations click here!

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