Miracle Noodle

Add the following to a skillet:
1 package of Miracle Noodle - drained and rinsed for several minutes (has a fishy odor)
1 onion diced
Saute for several minutes

Then add desired amounts of following:
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
Chicken Stock - sodium free
 Celery Seed
2 TB Nutritional Yeast

Simmer/cook desired time.

A good strategy for dieting, by the way: Eating more glucomannan causes you to feel full (physically) before you've eaten very many calories. So your brain is somewhat tricked into thinking you ate a huge meal, but in reality the caloric energy in that meal is dramatically reduced compared to a traditional pasta meal.

To learn more about miracle noodles visit:  http://www.miraclenoodle.com/

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