Wasa Crackers

WASA - Whole Grain goodness.  To make sure I am getting extra whole grains throughout the day - I have incorporated WASA crackers into my healthy eating.

Whole Grain is a wholesome and filling combination of whole grain rye flour, water, yeast and salt. It's 100% whole grain, providing 12 g in every crunchy slice. Each serving of Whole Grain provides only 40 calories and 50 mg of sodium, along with 8% of the Daily Value for fiber (2 g) and 25% of the minimum daily whole grain recommendation from whole grain rye.

Use your imagination with these crackers.  Here are some ways I eat WASA crackers:
  • Crumble and use as a salad topping
  • Enjoy with almond or peanut butter and sprinkle with chia seed  
  • Melt cheese on top
  • Spritz with garlic spray
For more WASA products and recipes visit their website.  WASA

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