Carbmaster - Kroger Yogurts

If I am not enjoying Fage Greek plain yogurt, I am eating Carbmaster.  These are only .44 cents at Dillons. They have several flavors, but my favorites include:  Vanilla Chai, Spiced Pear, and Tropical Fruit (my favorite).

80 calories, 1.5 g fat, 3 g carbs, 12 g protein
Peach, Strawberry Banana, Blackberry, Cherry

60 calories, 1.5 g fat, 4 g carbs, 9 g protein
Strawberry Colada, Raspberry Yumberry, Vanilla, Vanilla Chai, Carrot Cake 

I like to mix together the greek yogurt and a carbmaster yogurt - to mix in a smoothie or mix in walnuts.  I do not eat all of the yogurt in one setting - I save some for a later snack. I will admit that some of the flavors leave that artificial sweetener after taste.  But when mixed with greek, it doesn't.

Today, I mixed an entire single serving of fage and tropical fruit yogurts together.  I ate a custard bowl size with chopped walnuts and a pear.  This was the first time I have tried walnuts in my yogurt. I can't wait for tomorrow to have another one!!!  I have not had a fresh pear. . . hmmmmm I don't even remember when the last time was.  I purchased three pears for $3.00 at Country Mart, and have decided that pears are not for me.  Maybe they would be better baked, sprinkled with cinnamon.  I guess that I have not been missing out.  I only purchased them because they did not have any pink lady apples (my favorite thanks to Deedra, my husbands coworker recommendation - a bit pricy - but I don't care - LOVE THEM).  

I came up with a concoction - Mexican Crock Pot chicken, which we will eat as tacos on corn shells - will post recipe later if it turns out decent.  

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