Carlo's Bakery - Cake Boss

I love NYC!!!! Especially the food!!! One highlight of our trip was visiting Carlo's Bakery - Cake Boss in Hoboken, NJ.  We spent more on desserts than we did on one meal alone!  Too much to try - YUM!!!! I want to go back!!!!!!  We only had to wait 5 minutes until getting into the bakery - we were lucky.  The man standing in front of us even let us go in front of him since he goes there almost every day.  He recommended the chocolate covered cannoli - boy did he make a yummy suggestion.  I ate two! or did I eat more - I will neve tell!!!!!  I bought a little bit of everything - I actually went back for seconds! I had to try a lot.  There were just too many choices.  I wish I would have tried even more!!!!!!!! Boy did I have a ton of running to do when I got back to Kansas!  After we ate our dessert - we had pizza at Grimaldi's!!!!

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