Butter Crunch - 2nd time around

Today I made Butter Crunch, for the second time this week.  My first batch was chewy, didn't harden, so I had to make it again.  The second batch did harden, but was still not as good as my mothers.   Just didn't have that toffee taste - seemed to taste like sugar a bit -  kind of bland.  But I guess it was still tasty.  I made a bit on the thick side, note to self --- spread out more in my pan.  The candy did harden, but according to my mothers standards, the candy should not stick to your teeth or be chewy when you are chewing it - well anyway, hard to explain.  I am happy though that it did harden.  I made this batch for Joselyn - she is my guinea pig on this Butter Crunch journey.   I guess there will be a round 3 in a few weeks.   Not sure what I did wrong this time.  But I am getting closer - maybe cook it longer?

I love this part!!! Looks so yummy and pretty. SMELLS DELISH!!!

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