Dawn's Spicy Mustard Curry Onions

I just threw ingredients together.  I am the queen of not measuring my spices.  I wasn't sure how this would going to turn out - but it was DELICIOUS on my chicken (George Foreman with Mrs. Dash seasoning).   We also had fresh green beans and carrots, and grated Cauliflower.  Made about 1/4 of a cup.

Puree in Magic Bullet:

1 celery stick
Few Onion Slices
1 TB Spicy Mustard - guessing on this amount
1 Spoonful of Garlic
1 TB Reduced Sugar Ketchup (did measure this)
Chili Powder
Dash of Truvia

Mix over sliced onions.  Place in skillet and saute until you get the onion consistency that you want. This also made a yummy vegetable dip prior to cooking it on the onions.


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