Dawn's Cookie Cup Creation!

So that is my title for now - thinking of something better though!

Ideas:  Heath Cookie Marshmallow Sensation,  Chocolate Chip Cookie Heath Sensation, Sunken Heath Cookie Cups, Gooey, Crunchy Cookie Cups,

So tonight I found some cookie dough in the deep freeze that I had made a few months back.  I thought that I would try something different with them.  My mother makes peanut butter cookies in miniature muffin tins with a peanut butter cup in the middle.  So I thought that I would try chocolate chip cookies in the mini muffin tin.  Here is what I came up with! DELICIOUS.   These are very similar (or exactly the same I guess) to the Disappearing Marshmallow Brownies listed earlier.  I used a silicon mini muffin tin - these little babies were so easy to get out of the cup.  Silicon ROCKS!!!!


Chocolate chip cookie recipe or you may use any chocolate chip recipe -  Toll House, even store bought works great.

Heath Bits - plain
Butterscotch chips
Mini Marshmallows


Step 1:  Sprinkle plain heath bits into each muffin tin.

Step 2:  Using a 1" cookie scoop - scoop dough.  Tear scoop of dough in half.
For each muffin holder - place half a scoop of cookie dough in each cup and press dough into cup.

Step 3:  Sprinkle about three-four butterscotch chips in each cup.  Place marshmallows on top of dough.  I was experimenting - I placed three on some, and others one or two right in the center.

Step 4:  Bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes.

Step 5:  I lightly pressed marshmallows to flatten.

YUM     YUM     YUM     YUM    YUM 

These cookies are GOOEY!!! SO DELICIOUS!!!  The marshmallow in the center causes the cookie to sink in the middle.  With the Heath on the bottom of the cookie - oh my goodness - SO YUMMY!!!  Gives it a buttery and light crunchy bottom and sides.  With the marshmallow in the center - it makes it gooey - sweet and stringy.  I also sprinkled Heath bits on top of some in another batch.

I could not stop at just one, two, three, four. . . I am not going to tell you how many I ate! They are that good!!!!!  One batch I actually hid one marshmallow in the center - those turned out great as well.

CUTE LITTLE COOKIES!! This was the first time that I had made cookies in a muffin tin!  The cookies to my surprise were not cakey - but buttery and cookie like!!!!  To make the cookies more attractive - hide the marshmallow in the center - that works great as well!

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