Spicy Chili Bean Cheddar Baked Burritos

So we were going to have soft tacos for supper, but instead we decided to throw in other ingredients and not use the taco seasoning. Turned out pretty YUMMY!!!

Meat Mixture:
1 lb ground beef with diced onions- (brown hamburger and onion)

Add the following:
Add more diced onions - to your taste
1 can of diced sweet onion and tomato (drained) (best choice)
1/2 can of cheddar cheese soup
1 can Bush's Chili Beans - Mild (sauce drained)
Fresh jalapeno - can be omitted

Spray baking dish so burritos do not stick.
Create burritos and place in pan.
Sprinkle with cheddar cheese - I used Kraft fat free cheddar cheese - baked a little weird, but was good!

Garnish with lettuce

This dish was a little spicy - but DELICIOUS!! We only made four burritos - and saved the rest of the meat mixture for tomorrow nights supper.

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