I have chased so many fad diets, wasting money on books, videos, supplements, protein powders, protein bars, Here are just some:  PINK, Lisa Lynn Fit, Shred, Dr. Ian Smith, Beachbody, MRM, Fit2Fat2Fit, 17 day diet, Advocare, meal prep containers. Well no more. I finally found something that gives me energy, better sleep, stopped my sugar cravings and weight loss. I am obsessed now with Ketones and the Ketogenic lifestyle. And I am enjoying life not constantly worrying about what I am eating. Not afraid of butter, salt or bacon!

I am a high school business teacher on her 18th year,  who puts in so many hours to meet project deadlines, and I love it. I have always been so exhausted, over the years are, however this year has been different. I have been drinking exogenous ketones nonstop since June. And I feel fabulous now.  I really didn’t know all the wonderful benefits of this product.   To be honest I bought it for weight loss, little did I know how much more valuable husband product was.

Pruvit. I want all teachers  to feel as great as I do.