Bacon and Egg Cup

I enjoy making Shannon breakfast on Sundays, while I eat something healthy.  Last week I made him an egg on a tortilla.  Today, I tried something different.  I came across this idea on a Pinterest - of course!

1 Slice of bread with crust removed per custard cup (I used 100% Sprouted Bread)
Bacon - precook about 4 minutes on each side - it will continue to cook in oven.  I used peppered bacon and probably fried it too long.  But that is the way I like it, nice and crunchy.
1 Egg per custard cup
Sprinkle with cheese

Spray each custard cup with non stick spray.  Place once slice of bread in each cup.  Place in oven for about 4 minutes to brown the bread a bit.  Remove from oven and place cooked bacon around the inside edges of the custard cup.  Break one egg into each cup.  Top with cheese and bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes.  If you want the yolk soft/runny - you only want to cook it for 10 minutes.  I had mini sandwich thins so I placed one in the bottom of each custard cup then the bread on top.

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