Cake Pops

French Vanilla Cake
Vanilla Frosting
Coconut in Dough
Coconut Extract in Dough
Dipped in White Chocolate
Sprinkled with slivered almonds and coconut

These things are VERY VERY delicious and fun to make!!! YUM YUM YUM!!!!! My sister and nieces brought these to my mothers on 4th of July weekend - I couldn't stop eating these yummy pops! So today I made my own - big mistake! Luckily I had self control and have only eaten two, okay three, okay maybe 6!!!!!!!  I took a french vanilla cake and added vanilla frosting.  I made 24 then I added coconut, coconut extract to the dough.  These were my favorite!!!!  The cake pops are better eaten when chilled.  When chilled the chocolate on the outside will be hard, otherwise it will be soft.  See my recent posts for my CAKE POP CRAZE!!!!

My sister's cake pops! So Pretty! Chocolate with Andes mints. Others are white cake!

Yields: 38

What you need!
Cake - any flavor - bake as directed on box
1 can frosting
1 lb melting chips
Coloring Gel (or purchase colored melting chips)
Lollipop Sticks
Almond bark
Crisco - to thin chocolate

Double Boiler
Desired sprinkles - use your imagination.   I used heath bits, almonds, coconut, sprinkles, cookies and cream crunch.

Bake cake as directed on packaged.

Once cooled, cut into four pieces.

Crumble cake. 
Add 3/4 can of icing - vanilla and mix well with hands.

Use one inch cookie scoop - roll into balls.

Melt one square of almond bark, melting chips, or chocolate chips in custard dish.  Dip sticks 1/2" into almond bark
and stick about 1/2" into each ball.

Place pops in refrigerator for 35 minutes.
Melt discs.  Add spoon full of crisco if chocolate is too thick.
Dip cake ball.  Remove only a few cake pops at a time from the frige.   Works better if cake ball is cold.
Be careful, if cake pop is too cold, chocolate will crack after it cools.

My niece was here visiting this week.

Cookies and Cream Sprinkles - found at Joann's

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