Too Many Kitchen Towels

I have way too many towels.  I counted them:  Dish Towels: 30, Hand Towels:  38 - and that is not including the 30+ ones I have purchased at Kohl's that are in my closet.  Maybe some day I will use them. Some of these need to be thrown out - I have had some of these since college - wow that is over 10 years ago!

Honestly, I am a germ phob!  I am constantly washing my hands and cleaning off the counters.  I use probably 5-7 hand towels in one evening.  Always getting a new one out every time I wash my hands while preparing supper.  I drive Shannon crazy by this.  He will put a clean towel on the cupboard knob, and the next time he goes to dry his hands, its gone - he just shakes his hand.  The way I see it, I am going to have to wash hand towels sometime, so why not have a large load, instead of a small load - since it doesn't use any more water.  I have the ugliest pot holders and oven mits.  Those need to be replaced for sure!  But then I have to spend money - I would rather spend my money on other things.   I cram these into two drawers.  I really need to pack some away.

I finally threw these out!

This was a towel that I have had for over 10 years! Finally threw it out!

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