New Silicon Spatulas

As mentioned in a prior post, if you use the rubber spatulas where the head comes off - BEWARE!!!  Take the head off and take a look at the handle, you may find mold.  A few years back I had purchased inexpensive rubber spatula for the high school's smoothie business.  One day the rubber head came off, to my surprise there was black build up on the handle part where the head goes - YUCK!  Last month my mom pointed out that she takes her rubber spatulas apart and washes them - I do as well now.  I was at Barry and Meta West's cooking class a few weeks back and Barry pointed out the same thing - about there being mold with the spatulas that are two pieces.  He showed us a single piece rubber spatula.  So the hunt was on!!!! I have to have a one piece rubber spatula.  Of course I could not just stop at buying one.  I found these at Kohl's - they are the Food Network brand.  They were on sale, plus I had a $5.00 off coupon on each, plus 30% off as well - which made them very cheap!  I turned the blue one over so that you could see the back of it.

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