Dawn's Smoothie Recipes

Protein Powder
Lisa Lynn Fitness Vanilla Whey Protein Powder - 2 scoops
8 oz water (or almond milk)
1/4 of banana
handful of spinach
Several dashes of Organic Cinnamon
Blend and enjoy!


1 cup frozen blueberries - 70 calories
1/2 cup 1% milk - (2 cups in a pint) pint from cafeteria
3 oz. pineapple Yoplait yogurt - 60 calories

Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.

2 servings - 40 oz

1 Yoplait Boston Cream Pie 6 oz. - 110 Calories - 6 grams protein
1 Dannon Greek Yogurt 5.3 oz - 160 Calories - 12 grams protein
2 Cups frozen blueberries - 140 Calories
1 Cup Almond Milk - Unsweetened
1/2 Banana

Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.


1/2 cup pumpkin canned
1/2 frozen banana
3/4 cup almond milk
1/2 scoop (or approx. 2 T) vanilla protein powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
pinch of ground ginger

Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.

Morning Weightloss Smoothie

1/2 cup Greek yogurt
1 banana
1/2 cup strawberries
Unsweetened coconut, to taste
Ground flaxseed, to desired consistency
Matcha green tea powder, to taste (available at health food stores)


Combine all ingredients and enjoy!

Pumpkin Dream
(found on livestrong.com)


  • 1/2 cup 100% Pure Pumpkin
  • 1 package Instant Vanilla Pudding
  • 3/4 cup Organic Fat Free Skim Milk
  • Combine all ingredients and enjoy!

    Joyous Health - from
  • Alkalinizing -- We could all use more alkalinizing foods in our diet. Most people are very acidic due to stress, sugar, caffeine, red meat, processed foods and lack of exercise (or too much exercise). Greens are alkaline, making it helpful in balancing your body's PH level.

    Green Smoothie Recipe


    1 cup of kale leaves
    Small handful of spinach
    2 tbsp of fresh parsley or mint
    1 cup green grapes
    1/2 pear
    1 tbsp protein powder blend

    Water if needed to reach desired consistency

    Place all your ingredients into a blender and mix until fully blended. Enjoy right away. Cheers!

Place all ingredients in a blender on high for 2 minutes. 
1 organic banana
1 Tbsp lemon juice
1 Tbsp Agave nectar
10 raw unsalted almonds

Pumpkin Pie in a cup

1 cup canned pumpkin
1 6oz. cup Kroger Carbmaster vanilla
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice (cloves, cinnamon, all-spice, nutmeg)
1 tbsp Splenda

100% pure pumpkin pie perfection (in 160 calories!).