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Need a 100 calorie snack?  Do you like muffin tops?


Last year I came across Vitatops! I love muffin tops and these are what VitaTops are!  I even ordered a muffin silicon pan from them.  Each muffin top has only 100 calories - which means you only have to walk approximately 20 minutes to burn off the calories.  They have several flavors ranging from, golden corn, cranbran, pumpkin, chocolate to apple crumb.  To see other flavors and to place an order visit Vitalicious today!  You can also purchase these at Dillons, but they do not have very many flavors to choose from and are bit more expensive.  I just sent my sister a gift pack of these - she LOVES THEM!!!






Fiber - Insoluble vs Soluble

Soluble fiber dissolves easily in water, forming a gel-like substance that slows digestion, softens stools and improves elimination.

Insoluble fiber doesn't dissolve in water, but passes directly through the digestive system pretty much intact. Insoluble fiber increases stool bulk, keeping bowel movements regular and eliminating constipation.

Soluble Fiber and Insoluble Fiber Foods List with Fiber Grams (g)

 Fresh & Dried Fruits Serving
Fiber (g)
 Fiber (g)
Fiber (g)
 Apple, with skin 1 medium4.21.55.7
 Apricots, dried 4 medium1.81.73.5
 Banana 1 medium2.1.072.8
 Blackberries 1/2 cup3.1.073.8
 Blueberries 1 cup1.72.54.2
 Figs, dried 3 medium3.02.35.3
 Grapefruit 1/2 fruit2.40.73.1
 Kiwi fruit 1 large2.40.83.2
 Orange 1 medium2.11.33.4
 Pear 1 medium0.83.24.0
 Plums 2 medium1.21.02.2
 Prunes, dried 4 medium1.31.83.1
 Raspberries 1/2 cup0.92.33.2
 Strawberries 1 cup1.82.64.4

 Nuts, Seeds & Beans Serving
Fiber (g)
 Fiber (g)
 Almonds, raw 1 ounce0.73.54.2
 Black beans, cooked 1/2 cup3.83.16.9
 Black-eyed peas, cooked 1/2 cup2.21.94.1
 Flaxseeds 2 tbsp.
 Garbanzo beans, cooked 1/2 cup1.22.84.0
 Kidney beans, cooked 1/2 cup2.92.95.8
 Lentils, cooked 1/2 cup2.83.86.6
 Peanuts, dry roasted 1 ounce1.11.22.3
 Pinto beans, cooked 1/2 cup5.51.97.4
 Psyllium seed husks 2 tbsp.
 Sesame seeds 1/4 cup0.72.63.3
 Split peas, cooked 1/2 cup1.12.43.4
 Sunflower seeds 1/4 cup1.11.93.0
 Walnuts 1 ounce0.62.53.1
 White beans, cooked 1/2 cup3.80.44.2

 Vegetables Serving
Fiber (g)
 Fiber (g)
Fiber (g)
 Artichoke, cooked 1 medium4.71.86.5
 Asparagus, cooked 1/2 cup1.71.12.8
 Broccoli, raw 1/2 cup1.31.42.7
 Brussels sprouts, cooked 1 cup1.71.93.6
 Carrot, raw 1 medium1.11.52.6
 Green peas, cooked 1/2 cup3.21.24.4
 Green Beans, cooked 1/2 cup0.81.22.0
 Kale, cooked 1 cup2.15.17.2
 Lima beans, cooked 1/2 cup2.12.24.3
 Okra, cooked 1/2 cup3.11.04.0
 Potato with skin 1 medium2.42.44.8
 Soybeans (edamame) 1/2 cup2.72.24.9
 Squash, summer, cooked 1/2 cup1.31.22.5
 Squash, winter, cooked 1/2 cup1.71.43.1
 Sweet potato, peeled 1 medium2.72.24.9
 Tomato with skin 1 medium0.31.01.3
 Zucchini, cooked 1/2 cup1.41.22.6

 Whole Grains Serving
Soluble  Fiber (g) Insoluble
 Fiber (g)
Total  Fiber (g)
 Barley, cooked 1/2 cup3.30.94.2
 Brown rice, cooked 1/2 cup1.30.11.4
 Millet, cooked 1/2 cup2.70.63.3
 Oat bran, cooked 3/4 cup2.21.84.0
 Oatmeal, dry 1/3 cup1.41.32.7
 Oatmeal, cooked 1 cup2.41.64.0
 Popcorn, air popped 3 cups3.20.43.6
 Pumpernickel bread 1 slice1.51.21.7
 Quinoa (seeds), dry 1/4 cup2.53.86.3
 Quinoa, cooked 1/2 cup1.72.54.2
 Rye bread 1 slice1.90.82.7
 Wheat bran 1/2 cup11.31.012.3
 Wheat germ 3 tbsp.
 Wholegrain bread 1 slice2.80.12.9
 Whole wheat bread 1 slice1.60.31.9
 Wholegrain pasta, cooked 1 cup4.12.26.3

Lisa Lynn Fitness featured on The Dr. Oz Show with these weight loss tips:

Try these metabolism boosters:

Forskolin - This plant-based supplement is sourced from a member of the mint and lavender family, and is native to the mountains of Asia. It works to increase your metabolic rate, so you can burn fat more efficiently. It is safe and does not affect your heart rate. When you burn fat, you automatically reduce the appearance of cellulite. You can find it at your local health food store; make sure to only use as directed.

Banaba Leaf Tea - This tea is sourced from woody plants native to the temperate regions of the US. It stimulates fat loss by lowering blood sugar. When blood sugar is low, the body burns fat. If you’re not a fan of the flavor, you can always steep it in combination with the tea you usually drink. Have 1 or 2 cups a day.

Balsamic Vinegar and Pickles - The acetic acid found in vinegar and pickles has 2 major effects. It activates genes that burn fat, and it increases satiety, so your appetite will be satisfied. Have 2 tablespoons of vinegar with your meals and add more pickles to your diet. If you have a strong craving for sugar, eating a pickle will knock it down. 

Cayenne pepper is proven to boost metabolism and burn through fat. By adding spices like cayenne pepper to your diet, you can burn up to 50 extra calories a day. To learn more about other calorie-burning spices, click here. For your guide to boosting your metabolism after 40, click here

Vegetables - Frozen or Fresh?

Rule of thumb is: If the veggies are in season, fresh is best. If not, frozen will give you a higher concentration of nutrients. Choose packages that marked USDA US Fancy shield which means the product is the best size, shape, ...color etc. The lower grades, US number 1 or 2 could be less nutrient rich.

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Healthy, Wholesome, and Nutritious Food Facts
Ø     Oats
o      Oats contain more soluble fiber than any other grain and can help remove LDL, or “bad” cholesterol.
o      Oats are also considered an excellent grain for diabetics as they have less impact on blood sugar levels than some other grains.
Ø     Walnuts are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, a special type of fat that is essential for our bodies, but that the body cannot produce. Omega-3 essential fatty acids protect us against heart disease. Walnuts are the only nut that contains omega-3 fatty acids.
Ø     Flax Seed
o      A high fiber food (containing both soluble & insoluble), it helps lower cholesterol. This fiber also helps stabilize blood sugar, and promotes proper functioning of the intestines.
o      Flax seed is high in phytochemicals, including many antioxidants. It is perhaps our best source of lignans, which convert in our intestines to substances that tend to balance female hormones. There is evidence that lignans may promote fertility, reduce peri-menopausal symptoms, and possibly help prevent breast cancer. In addition, lignans may help prevent Type 2 diabetes.
Ø     Cinnamon can help lower blood sugar, triglycerides, LDL, and total cholesterol.
Ø     Canola Oil which is made from the crushed seeds of the canola plant, is among the healthiest of cooking oils.
o      It has the lowest saturated fat content of any oil commonly consumed in the U.S., at just 7%. By comparison, sunflower oil has 12% saturated fat, corn oil has 13%, and olive oil has 15%.
o      Although it's low in saturated fat, canola oil is very high in healthy unsaturated fats. It's an excellent source linoleic acid; it contains omega-6 fatty acid, linoleic but is higher in the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) than any other oil commonly used. These fats are particularly important in the diet because the human body can't produce them.
Ø     Honey
o      Its natural fruit sugars play an important role in preventing fatigue during exercise.
o      The glucose in honey is absorbed by the body quickly and gives an immediate energy boost, while the fructose is absorbed more slowly providing sustained energy.
o      It is known that honey has also been found to keep levels of blood sugar fairly constant compared to other types of sugar.

Omega 3's - (to come)
Wheat KernelOlive Oil - (to come)

Whole Grains

What are Whole Grains?

Whole grains are the whole seeds of plants. They include the bran (an outer layer which contains most of the fiber), the germ (the part from which new plants sprout that contains many important nutrients) and the endosperm (the largest part of the seed, but it offers little nutrition).

  • Whole grains are low in fat.
  • They can help you to lose weight.
  • You can eat them in a variety of ways.
  • They're excellent sources of nutrition and fiber.
  • And whole grain foods can protect you from diseases. 

More and more studies show that returning to whole grains and other unprocessed carbohydrates can improve our health in many ways.

  • Whole grains help to prevent constipation,
  • Reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease,
  • Offers protection against some forms of cancer,
  • Helps protect you from developing type 2 diabetes,
  • And eating more whole grains helps you to live longer.

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Sources of Protein (to come)